Were you aware that after English, Spanish is the most spoken language in U.S. homes?

Did you realize that Hispanics account for over 50{1de65c46b12c6f50dd62ac4dea5242300315bd42055ce2f48f0249623d4db358} of the total U.S. population growth?

How about the fact that the Hispanic population is the nation’s youngest ethnic group?

Discover the Hispanic market right here in your own backyard! The U.S. Hispanic market offers excellent business-to-business and business-to-consumer growth opportunities. Successfully reaching U.S Latinos demands not only knowing how to effectively communicate in English and Spanish, but an in depth understanding of Latin American customs, traditions, beliefs, and values. Our comprehensive services allow you to strategically and effectively tap into this powerful Latin American market located inside our own borders.

Here is how Grupo Avance can help you enter the Hispanic market:

Due diligence and strategy: identify business potential. With a diverse array of multi-cultural tastes, customs, financial demographics, and purchasing habits, the U.S. Hispanic market is anything but standardized. We will find your best point of entry and advise you on how to begin.

  • Assess purchasing trends, demographics, marketing channels and accessibility to distribution channels.
  • Conduct a Business 360+ Assessment.
  • Determine if your business is well positioned to serve the purchase behaviors of your target market.
  • Identify market entry strategies that will capture the loyalty of your target population.

Tactical execution: develop an effective sales and marketing plan. Successfully reaching U.S. Latinos demands knowing how to effectively use both English and Spanish languages as well as understand Latin American traditions, beliefs, and values. We know this marketing territory well and will use our expertise to determine your business development plan and execute it for you.

  • Interpret U.S. Hispanic psychographics as they relate to your business products and services.
  • Identify the target market most receptive to your products and services.
  • Customize your products and brand ensuring a Hispanic look and feel that will appeal to the targeted U.S. Hispanic sub-group.
  • Scout and locate appropriate distribution sites.
  • Establish and vet relationships with qualified distributors.

Sustained growth: ongoing business support. Continued support, customized to your specific needs, will help your organization enjoy sustained growth while improving your brand’s rapport within your U.S. Hispanic market.

  • Ongoing market evaluations and marketing services.
  • Identification and assessment of additional qualified business alliances for continued expansion.
  • Expand network of key contacts from executive level to sales support.
  • Establish, develop, and organize training programs.
  • Customer service evaluations.
  • Explore and assess growth opportunity that moves from the U.S. Hispanic market to Latin America.